Sussex Seasearch Project, 1992-2001

The Sussex Seasearch Project began in 1992 when Robert Irving was asked to co-ordinate a sublittoral survey of near-shore areas off the Sussex coast using volunteer divers, on behalf of the Nature Conservancy Council and the Marine Conservation Society. By 2001, over 300 volunteer divers had taken part in the project, completing over 800 dives. The Project was recognized as being a great success which, besides the end products listed below, also developed the Seasearch recording methodology which was subsequently adopted by the project nationwide.

A sublittoral habitat manual for West Sussex; a training and promotional video; a colour poster entitled Undersea Sussex; a species identification guide for divers entitled Sussex Marine Life; and a report and leaflet on sites recognised as “Marine Sites of Nature Conservation Importance”.

RI talking to Seasearch diversLR Seasearch diving volunteers in boat_LRMarine life ID with RI_LR

Sussex Seasearch Report 1999

Irving, R.A. 1999. The Sussex Seasearch Project, 1992-1998. Report to the Project Steering Group and the Marine Conservation Society. English Nature, Lewes, and Brighton & Hove Council, Brighton. 196 pp.