Survey of area adjacent to Petroplus terminal, Milford Haven

An impact assessment survey undertaken in 2003 by Sea-Scope in association with EMU Ltd. involving diving, grabbing & shore survey, on behalf of Posford Haskoning. Nothing that was particularly noteworthy was found. Photos show: a typical sponge community featuring Halichondria bowerbanki on silty rock with the featherstar Antedon bifida; a dahlia anemone Urticina felina; and the anemone Sagartiogeton undatus.

D3.01_Milford H 2003_sponges & Antedon_crp D3.06_Milford H 2003_Urticina_crp D3.14_Milford H 2003_Sagartiid anemone_crp

The following report was written for this project:

Irving, R.A. 2003. Sublittoral & littoral survey of an area adjacent to the Petroplus Oil terminal, Milford Haven, using diving and grabbing. Unpublished report by Sea-Scope Marine Environmental Consultants for Posford Haskoning Ltd.