UK projects and surveys

The following lists sets out all the projects and surveys which Sea-Scope personnel have been involved in since 1978, arranged geographically starting in Shetland and working clockwise around the UK coast.


  • General survey of sublittoral habitats and communities within voes around Shetland as part of impact assessment of salmon fish farming (client: NCC, 1986)
  • Diving investigation of sea urchin populations around Sullom Voe Oil Terminal, Shetland (client: Institute of Petroleum, 1989)
  • ‘Coastwatch’ coastal survey of Shetland (client: NCC, 1988-1990)
  • Establishment of SAC reef and cave monitoring sites within the Papa Stour cSAC, Shetland, and of reef and tidal narrows monitoring sites within the Vadills, Shetland (client: ERT (Scotland) Ltd./SNH, 2003)
  • Intertidal biotope mapping of Mousa cSAC, Shetland (client: Posford Haskoning/SNH, 2003)


  • Coastwatch’ coastal survey of Orkney (Westray & Papa Westray) (client: NCC, 1988-1990)
  • HSE Part IV Diver Training (Stornaway/Flotta) (Heriot-Watt University, 1991)

NE Scotland

  • ‘Coastwatch’ coastal survey of NE Scotland (client: NCC, 1988-1990)

SE Scotland

  • Diving survey of the Isle of May (client: St Andrew’s University/Nature Conservancy Council, 1978)
  • Diving survey of sea urchin populations around St Abbs and Eyemouth (client: Underwater Conservation Society/University of Exeter, 1983)
  • MNCR diving survey of near-shore waters off Berwickshire (client: JNCC, 1992/3)
  • Intertidal biotope mapping of the Firth of Forth, Scotland (client: Posford-Haskoning Ltd./SNH, 2001)

NE England

  • MNCR diving survey of near-shore waters off Northumberland and Co. Durham (client: JNCC, 1992/3)

Flamborough Head

  • Survey of sublittoral chalk habitats and communities around Flamborough Head (client: MCS/NCC, 1987)
  • Intertidal monitoring survey of sea caves within the Flamborough Head SAC (client: Natural England, 2010)

Norfolk/The Wash

  • Diving and dredging survey of The Wash (client: NCC, 1985/86)
  • Sublittoral survey off Mundesley, Norfolk, linked to impact assessment of sewage outfall (client: Marine Biological Surveys/Anglian Water, 1996)
  • Sublittoral survey relating to impact of new sewage outfall, West Runton, North Norfolk (client: Natural History Museum/Anglian Water, 1998)


  • Diving survey of flora and fauna between Dover & Folkestone as part of Channel Tunnel development impact assessment (client: MCS/NCC, 1986 & 1989)


  • SEASEARCH diving survey of near-shore waters off the Sussex coast (client: Marine Conservation Society, 1992-2002)
  • Survey of Widewater lagoon, Lancing, West Sussex (client: WWF-UK, 1997)
  • Survey of colonisation of recently-constructed rock groynes and islands off the West Sussex coast (client: Environment Agency, Southern Region, 1999)
  • Survey of reef habitats off the West Sussex coast, as part of an aggregate licence application (client: Emu Ltd./Hanson Marine, 2002)
  • Survey of marine SNCIs in the Worthing to Brighton area (client: Emu Ltd./Southern Water plc, 2003)
  • Sublittoral survey of nearshore seabed off Peacehaven, East Sussex (client: Emu Ltd./Southern Water, 2005)
  • Diving survey of marine SNCI sites off West Sussex, assessing sediment deposition from aggregate dredging & black bream nesting sites (client: Emu Ltd., 2008)

Isle of Wight/Solent

  • Sublittoral survey of Sandown Bay, Isle of Wight, prior to construction of long-sea sewage outfall (client: Southern Science Ltd., 1995)
  • MNCR diving survey off the south coast of the Isle of Wight (client: JNCC, 1997)
  • Monitoring of seabed sites within Sandown Bay, Isle of Wight, throughout construction of long-sea sewage outfall, and assessment of sediment deposition on reef communities (client: Southern Water, 2000-01)
  • Survey of intertidal sediments of the Solent Maritime SAC (client: ERT/EN, 2005)
  • Survey of intertidal caves within the South Wight Maritime SAC (client: EN, 2005)
  • Sublittoral survey of Chichester Harbour, West Sussex (client: Chichester Harbour Conservancy, 2006)


  • Sublittoral survey of Swanage Bay, Dorset, linked to impact assessment of sewage outfall (client: Southern Science/Wessex Water, 1996)
  • Survey of Zostera seagrass beds in the Fleet, Dorset (client: Natural History Museum/EN, 1999)
  • Intertidal biotope mapping of the Fleet, Dorset (client: Emu Ltd./EN, 2005)

Devon & Cornwall

  • ‘Coastwatch’ coastal survey of Devon & Cornwall (client: NCC, 1988-1990)
  • Sublittoral survey (using diving and drop-down video) of Plymouth Sound (client: Marine Biological Surveys/Posford Duvivier/EN, 1996)
  • Monitoring of subtidal maerl and Zostera seagrass beds in the Fal Estuary, Cornwall (client: Emu Ltd./South-West Water, 2000-04)
  • Survey of shallow rock communities in vicinity of RNLI slipway at Sennen Cove, Cornwall, prior to enlargement of navigation channel (client: Posford Duvivier Environment, 2001)
  • Sublittoral survey of Salcombe and Kingsbridge Estuary, Devon (client: EN, 2005)
  • Remote mapping of seagrass beds using aerial photography within Plymouth Sound & Estuaries SAC (client: EN, 2006)
  • RNLI Lizard, Cornwall subtidal survey (client: Haskoning UK Ltd., Exeter, 2008)
  • Diving monitoring survey of seagrass beds within Plymouth Sound & Estuaries SAC (client: Natural England, 2009)
  • Diving monitoring survey of mixed substrata at Asia Knoll, Plymouth Sound, as part of long-term recovery of dredged site (client: ABPmer on behalf of Natural England/Brittany Ferries, 2010)

Isles of Scilly


  • Initiation of, and participation in, long-term sublittoral monitoring programme at Lundy investigating species of high nature conservation interest (client: NCC, 1984-1990)
  • Leader of MCS volunteer divers undertaking survey work within the Lundy MNR (1995-2001)
  • Environmental impact assessment study of new jetty at Lundy, Bristol Channel (client: Landmark Trust, 1998)
  • Re-establishment of sublittoral monitoring sites off Lundy (client: Marine Biological Surveys/English Nature, 1998)
  • Production of underwater video for the Lundy Marine Nature Reserve (client: EN, 2001)
  • Survey of Leptopsammia pruvoti populations at Lundy (client: Natural England, 2007)
  • Diving monitoring survey of featured species within the Lundy SAC/MCZ (client: Natural England, 2010)

S & W Wales

  • Sediment sampling using diving in Sully Bay, Bristol Channel, adjacent to BP outfall pipe (client: Marine Biological Surveys/BP, 1995)
  • Survey of Zostera seagrass beds in Milford Haven (client: Posford Duvivier Environment/CCW, 1999)
  • Survey of subtidal oyster beds in Milford Haven & Swansea Bay (client: Emu Ltd./CCW, 2002)
  • Intertidal biotope mapping survey of the Severn Estuary (in part) (client: Emu Ltd./EN, 2003)
  • Sublittoral & littoral survey of an area adjacent to the Petroplus Oil terminal, Milford Haven, using diving and grabbing (client: Posford Haskoning/Petroplus, 2003)
  • Across-Wales Sublittoral Site Condition Monitoring – establishment of sites (client: CCW, 2004-05)
  • Across-Wales Sublittoral Site Condition Monitoring (client: CCW, 2007-11)
  • RNLI Angle, Pembrokeshire subtidal survey (client: Haskoning UK Ltd., Exeter, 2007)

N Wales

  • Across-Wales Sublittoral Site Condition Monitoring – establishment of sites (client: CCW, 2004-05)
  • Across-Wales Sublittoral Site Condition Monitoring (client: CCW, 2007-11)
  • Diving survey of non-native invasive sea squirt Didemnum vexillum, Holyhead Harbour, Anglesey (client: CCW, 2009)
  • Didemnum vexillum eradication project, Holyhead Marina, N. Wales (client: CCW, 2012)

Isle of Man

  • Survey of sublittoral habitats and species of the Calf of Man, Isle of Man, (client: WWF-UK, 1991)


  • ‘Coastwatch’ coastal survey of Cumbria (client: NCC, 1988-1990)

Northern Ireland

  • Sublittoral survey of proposed current turbine site in Strangford Lough narrows, N. Ireland (client: Royal Haskoning, Edinburgh, 2006)

SW Scotland

  • ‘Coastwatch’ coastal survey of SW Scotland (client: NCC, 1988-1990)
  • Loch Ryan oyster survey (client: MES/Royal Haskoning, Edinburgh, 2007)

Western Isles

NW Scotland

  • ‘Coastwatch’ coastal survey of NW Scotland (client: NCC, 1988-1990)
  • Littoral and sublittoral survey of Lochs Gairloch and Ewe in NW Scotland for MNCR (client: NCC, 1990)
  • Intertidal biotope mapping of the Firth of Lorn pSAC, SW Scotland (client: Posford Duvivier/SNH, 1997)
  • Sublittoral and littoral Site Condition Monitoring of reefs and tidal rapids within Lochs Duich, Long and Alsh (client: Emu Ltd./SNH, 2004)