Ascension Island

Robert Irving spent 6 weeks on Ascension Island in October/November 1985 as joint-leader of the diving expedition Operation Origin.

The main aim of Operation Origin was to survey the near-shore sublittoral habitats all around the island and to catalogue all of the marine life (invertebrates and fishes) we encountered. Emphasis was placed on taking underwater photographs, of which over 2,500 were taken. We were assisted by members of a Joint Services diving expedition who were on the island at the same time.

The results of the expedition were written up as a report (Taylor, J. & Irving, R.A. Operation Origin, Ascension Island 1985. Final Report, vol.1: General. 177 pp, 8 figs., 23 plates) and also published as scientific papers (Irving, R.A. 1989. A preliminary investigation of the sublittoral habitats and communities of Ascension Island, South Atlantic. Progress in Underwater Science 13, ed. W. Farnham, pp 65-78; Irving, R.A. 2013. Ascension Island’s hermatypic but non reef-building corals. In: C. Sheppard (ed.) Coral Reefs of the United Kingdom Overseas Territories, pp 213-222. Springer). [Back]

09_adj_view towards Green Mountain_Ascension10_view NE from Green Mountain_Ascension08_adj crp_coastline_Ascension08_adj crp_cunningfish Chaetodon sanctaehelenae_Ascension04_adj_cushion zoathid Palythoa sp covering bedrock_Ascension11_adj_red banded coral shrimp Stenopus hispidus_Ascension