Proofreading, editing and peer-review services

At Sea-Scope we pride ourselves on producing clear, concise and well written documents relating to our commissioned work. Robert Irving has authored over 60 reports, 12 scientific papers and 3 books. He has been asked to peer-review manuscripts for various scientific and company publications prior to their acceptance for publishing. He is known for having an eye for detail and has also proofread reports and manuscripts for a number of colleagues and clients. If you would like to have your manuscript/chapter/book/report proofread or edited, making sure your grammar, spelling or punctuation are correct, please get in touch.

Testimonial feedback:

“Thank you so much for all your wonderful edits. You have really done a brilliant job – the level of detail is amazing. You have such an incredible ability with words, and the edits you have kindly put forward are so extremely useful.”

Stewart McPherson, naturalist, broadcaster and author of Britain’s Treasure Islands – a journey to the UK Overseas Territories (published June 2016).