EIA: coral reef damage/channel deepening

Post-collision damage to coral reef, Strait of Gubal, Egypt (2008)client: Natural History Museum, London

  • an assessment of the damage done to a shallow fringing reef in the northern Red Sea, after the temporary grounding of a bulk grain carrier. Involved assessment of impact damage, photography of sea bed, and estimate of recovery potential and cost.

Deepening of navigation channel, Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands (2007)client: Posford Duvivier Environment

  • an assessment study on Grand Turk, linked with the proposed dredging of a narrow navigational channel to/from a sheltered lagoonal area. Involved recording & photography of shallow water transects of near-by reef flat areas and of sea grass beds within the lagoon.

Deepening of ferry approach, Plymouth Sound, UK (2010)client: ABPmer

  • seabed survey within Plymouth Sound of an area known as Asia Knoll which was requiring maintenance dredging. A small HSE diving team undertook descriptions of biotopes and took underwater photographs.