Robert Irving is a professional illustrator of natural history subjects. He uses pen and ink, often with stippling, to create accurate, scientific drawings of both terrestrial and marine wildlife which have been published in several books, magazines and leaflets. Some examples are given below.


Illustrations of two seahorses by Robert Irving: Hippocampus guttulus (left) and H. hippocampus (right) from British Sea Fishes.

Weaver fishGoby illustrations_LR_British Sea FishesBlack-faced blenny_adjSussex Seasearch Report 1999Chalk cliff_Sussex Seasearch ReportGreensand boulders_Sussex Seasearch Project

Sussex Marine Life by Robert Irving. 1998. East Sussex County Council.

Illustrations of two crabs by Robert Irving: Liocarcinus depurator (upper) and Liocarcinus holsatus (lower) from the book Sussex Marine Life.

Hinia reticulata_LR_Sussex Marine LifeHinia pygmaea_LR_Sussex Marine LifeHinia incrassata_LR_Sussex Marine Life